io’s Collections

Talismán Collection

Jewellery that anchors you to your inner strength.

Manipura Collection

Containing the essence of the third chakra, the Fire element, the core of your personal will.

Malas Collection

Inspired by the traditional Hindu rosaries, the malas.

Freedom Collection

I feel that unleashing freedom means finally being able to be who we are.

Formentera Collection

Deep on the ocean floors there is still wildlife untouched by the hand of man.

Dragón Collection

How little we have been told about the meaning of dragons... And how much truth lies in their legends!

Pachamana Collection

In some native communities of America, God has a woman's name, and is not in the sky, but on earth.

Life Collection

Life is what intertwines the generations. It unites them. And, in doing so, it makes them unique.

Balance Collection

There are two opposing and complementary forces, which are at the core of the universe. And also in our lives.

Wild Woman Collection

The feminist collection born to vindicate women’s freedom and power.

Self-Love Collection

If you free yourself from demands and commands, and look inside yourself non-judgmentally, you will find the most real, pure and wild love: self-love for yourself.

Alchemy Collection

Alchemy is magic. That is the art that alchemists have been searching for centuries to turn metals into gold.

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